Skin Care

Honey Facial:

            Tightening & Hydrating

Begins with a double cleanse and steam, along with skin analysis and a light exfoliation process.  Extracting, to remove any unwanted impurities followed by a facial massage. A Honey/Sea Weed Masque is applied for 10 minutes, assisting in a hand/foot massage and a moisturizer and SPF are applied to finish.


Deep Pore Cleansing Facial:

            Rejuvenating & Purifying

Is designed to help manage acne prone and other chronic conditions such as pore congestion and millia. Facial begins with a deep pore cleansing process; Steam assisted cleanse, exfoliation and massage followed by detailed extraction. A Papaya Pumpkin masque is applied and a finishing moisturizer and SPF. Proper Obagi treatment products are recommended for homecare.


Teen Facial:

            Our Aesthetician can guide your teen towards proper skin care

Begins with a consultation and discussion to focus on individual needs.  For problematic skin conditions, (Acne, Rosacea, Dehydration & Sun damage) a homecare regimen of Obagi medical treatment products are recommended.  Facial includes pore cleansing, exfoliation and extractions, followed by a facial massage, custom masque, moisturizer and SPF.


Back Facial:

            Back & Shoulder Treatment

For some, the back and shoulders are difficult areas to manage. Deep cleansing and extraction of impurities are the focus of this procedure. A detoxifying mask is followed by a moisturizer.


Anti-Aging Facial:

            Derma MD AstaXanthin micro peel & “D” Puff eye repair

Peel works to exfoliate and energize cellular turnover by lifting away the dull, dry, dead, cellular layer. Improvements of overall appearance of the skin through softening lines and wrinkles, reducing dry patches, improving moisture levels on the skin and balancing of pigmentation problems. “D” Puff, fades dark under eye circles, smoothes skin, reduces puffiness, diminishes fine lines and creates a feeling of relaxation. Obagi treatment products recommended for homecare.



Skin Resurfacing

Very effective and virtually painless procedure which allows the Aesthetician to treat a wide variety of skin conditions. The result will leave you with soft, smooth, healthier and youthful looking skin. The treatment levels vary according to the skin’s condition, (fine lines, blemished or thicker skin, scar tissue and stretch marks), therefore healing times vary as well.