I have had Botox and Juvederm administered by a plastic surgeon on several occassions and had a terrible experience with pain and bruising. Dr. Saraf is skilled in her administration of both, providing a comforting experience and maximum results. Dr. Saraf's staff goes above and beyond to accommodate the patient's needs as well. I am very pleased to use the services at Hartsdale Med Spa
Lauren D

Patricia P

A very successful liposuction procedure performed by Dr Kiran Saraf and her staff. I am a 40 year old 5'9" 155lbs male and got the procedure done on my abdomen. Besides initial injection pricks, I had no pain what soever in and after the whole treatment. I am recovering very well. The belly bulge disappeared the next day. The procedure was done on Friday morning. I am back to work on Monday morning (taking Tylenol and antibiotics). No heavy lifting, but I am able to drive around. After 2 weeks, no pain, no medications. Thank you!
Ash S

In 4 months, I lost approximately 32 lbs. The fact that Dr. Saraf is a physician, she is managing not just my weight loss, but my medical profile and my overall well-being - and this makes her program unique. I also like the fact that I am able to meet with Dr. Saraf weekly and discuss different topics pertinent to a healthy lifestyle. I had success losing weight in the past but never had success in sustaining the weight loss and changing my lifestyle and felt that working with Dr. Saraf at her weight loss center could assist with my my success.
Lori M

I lost 60 lbs over 1 year. I like OPTIFAST shakes and bars. I had tried Nutrisystem years ago and it worked the first time but not the second time. Weight watchers only worked for about 11 pounds, South Beach was about 30 pounds. As soon as I stopped, my weight went back up plus more. OPTIFAST was very easy to do and I was eating normal food once I got to transition and then maintenance has not been too bad. Dr. Saraf completely and without judgement, understood what I was going through. She is very caring and compassionate and she knows how we as client feel. She offered encouragement and shared knowlege and I never felt judged. She was positive and praised freely. I have reccomended 3 or 4 people to go see her.
Pam C

I lost 50 lbs. I found it very easy to follow the program. The OPTIFAST shakes and bars make losing weight much easier for me. I don't have to prepare or buy as much food, therefore I'm away from temptation. Dr. Saraf is a very caring, knowledgeable physician. She is always helpful and very creative in suggesting food choices, exercises, and life choice changes.
Alice S

The office staff is so friendly and caring! Joined weight management program in September/October 2009. Lost about 19 pounds to date and two sizes down. One-on-one personalized approach by a professional like Dr Saraf, who has a true interest in you as a patient, makes the experience a pleasure. The counseling and motivation received, makes the commitment worthwhile. The medication is a great help and I love the shakes, bars and the dietary guidance is very achievable. It is the first program that has ever worked for me and I have tried several others including Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig! (Feb '10)
Julie E

Joined in April 2008 and lost 50 lbs. I like the program because it is easy to follow and can be tailored to meet individual needs. The OPTIFAST shakes, bars and other products contain a substantial amount of protein so I never felt a dip in my energy level. Truth be told, I actually felt more energetic. The program is unique because of one on one “in-depth” counseling provided by Dr. Saraf. She is genuinely interested in her patients and committed to supporting them through the weight loss and maintenance processes. Bariatric medicine is her passion and, as a result, she is extremely well versed in both the physical and mental challenges of weight loss. She is interested in long-term success and therefore helps us set realistic, maintainable goals. (Feb '10)
Lillian R