San Diego, CA

Weight Lost: 145 lbs and counting

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My health issues really started when I was about 25 years old. I had high blood pressure, I was on cholesterol medication and I was beginning to get arthritis. I was having a routine appointment in my neurologist's office and I saw a flyer for OPTIFAST. I went to the orientation and they had somebody come in and do a testimonial about his story and how it was successful for him. From that moment scepticism turned to belief that this really can work.

I started at 320 lbs and then I lost 145 lbs with OPTIFAST. The first week I lost ten pounds. And that right there was a motivator to continue on. It took me about eight months to lose the weight. I am no longer on blood pressure or cholesterol medication and I no longer have arthritis.

The program is amazing because not only are you losing weight rapidly, you are also going to weekly classes with a counselor, which is so motivating. There's also a support system there for you, and that's invaluable while losing weight. The program and learning continues even after you lose the weight. Right now I'm on a maintenance program that teaches me all about nutrition, label reading, and grocery shopping which no other program I tried before included those factors.

I have a funny story, I went to go visit my brother in San Francisco, I hadn't seen him in seven or eight months, and he walked right past me at the baggage claim. He didn't recognize me at all. I had to yell out for him and his mouth dropped open, he almost fell to the floor. He was so shocked to see me. He gave me a big hug, he was so happy. It was such a great feeling.

I get so happy when I think about my future now, a smile comes on my face because I know that now I have a future and I can be healthy and I feel like now I have so much more confidence, I can do anything. OPTIFAST is really about caring for yourself. It's about living healthy and getting your life back.

OPTIFAST has given me a life that I've never had.