Brian T.

Brian T.

Findlay, OH

Weight Lost: 105 lbs and counting

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The OPTIFAST program has had an amazing impact on all aspects of my life. Losing weight has helped me to have more energy and be able to do so much more with that energy. I am able to run around and play with my cousin (without getting out of breath), I can fully participate without worrying if my weight will be an issue. My confidence has increased and I have proven to myself that I have the willpower and drive to make a big goal happen.

I would recommend OPTIFAST to anyone ready to make a change in their weight. It's a program that gives you the tools and methods to make weight loss a reality. Medically the weight loss through OPTIFAST has caused a dramatic reduction in my blood pressure, pulse, cholesterol and triglycerides. In addition, I lost over 13" around my waist and I also went down over 16 points in my BMI!

Going through the program isn't a "quick fix." The educational sessions with the team helped me make the most out of the "active" phase and are helping me to maintain my weight. I've learned so much about healthier ways to eat, the benefits of exercise and many other weight related topics. When I moved through the different phases of the program I felt equipped to make healthy, knowledgeable choices about my eating and exercise. OPTIFAST allowed me to make my dreams a reality.