Medical Weight Loss

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Dr Kiran Saraf has unique and customized approach to offer to each weight loss patients. She is a Board Certified Bariatrician and had amazing results with her patients. Following her monitroing and advise, patients have lost and kept the weight off! Our clinic provides many different weight loss options.

  • Physician Monitored Weight Management Programs

The exact program that we provide for you will depend on your weight loss goals, current lifestyle, existing medical conditions and other factors that will be unique to your situation.

  • Full Meal Replacement with OPTIFAST

This program will give a jump start to morbidly obese patients who want to loose 2 - 7 pounds per week. This is an effective and complete weight loss program that will provide the results fast. OPTIFAST combines the proven effectiveness of a controlled calorie diet, with complete medical monitoring, counseling and education. The result is safe, fast, and effective long-term weight loss.

  • Partial Meal Replacement with OPTIFAST and table food

This program combines the OPTIFAST food supplement and regular food. It includes the same counseling and education programs as our full meal replacement with OPTIFAST program.

  • Apetite Suppressant Medications

Dr Kiran Saraf has lot of experience and success using a combination of treatments, VLCDs (very low calorie diets) and drug therapy. The medications available by prescription (if medical criteria are met).

  • Conventional Diets

For the patient who finds pleasure in the process of cooking and preparing meals, or who would find less-traditional diets unsuitable, we offer personalized, low fat, low calorie programs. You'll consult with a registered dietitian to develop healthy, well-balanced new eating habits.

  • Nutrition and Diet Counseling and Seminars

Our registered dietitians can work with you and answer your questions regarding nutrition and pregnancy, diabetes, hypertension, eating disorders, sports nutrition, weight gain, and cholesterol.

  • Adolescent Program

This weight management program is designed for children and adolescents aged 8 to 18. We'll help your child to become more aware of the significance of nutrition and exercise to good health.


Success at maintaining the right weight over a long period of time comes from particiapation in an ongoing weight management program. All of us need a helping hand sometimes, and that's what the this program is about. It includes doctors monitoring your vitals, mentoring to continue with the balanaced diet and healthy life style.