Medical Weight Loss

If you are severely overweight or just want to lose 10-15 pounds, and have unsuccessfully tried everything imaginable to lose weight, then medical weight loss through means such as dieting, increased physical ativity, behavior therapy, meal replacement products such as OPTIFAST, and/or drugs, may be right for you. Our office specializes in medical weight management for patients who are unhappy or unhealthy due to their weight.


Smartlipo™ Liposuction




For quick removal of unwanted body fat from problem areas, contact Dr. Kiran Saraf for SmartLipo™ liposuction treatments.

In case you have tried to reduce fat in specific areas that have not responded to exercise, diet and other methods of weight loss, you are a candidate to get laser liposuction. Perfect candidates are those who need to lose fat and have realistic expectations from the treatment and are in good health to get the minimally invasive procedure performed.

SmartLipo™ lipolysis require minimal invasion of tiny cannula that is used to destroy the fat cells. Since only local anesthesia is necessary, they are the most advanced way to lose fat and unsightly bulges. With minimal downtime, you can lose the fat, unwanted weight and go back to work in few days.

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SmoothShape Cellulite Reduction

The SmoothShapes cellulite treatment is designed to specifically target the underlying causes of cellulite. It involves the use of an infrared laser, massage, and vacuum, in order to impact the tissue components responsible for the appearance of cellulite, shrink fatty deposits and, thus, dramatically smoothen the skin.

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